Welcome 2019 Greenview Members,

We are in the process of recruiting all members of the Greenview Country Club to please come, join our Mens or Womens club, and be part of our exclusive and long-standing club that has been in place at Greenview for several years.

There are several things that you will benefit from by joining the Men’s Club at Greenview:

  • You will be eligible to join or sub in our Monday evening Men’s Club league. This an exclusive league just for the Men’s Club members only, no guests or non-member substitutes are allowed to participate in this league. Contact Mike Fleischman for details.
  • You will be eligible to participate and invite guests to play in our monthly club tournaments throughout the entire summer right into the fall.
  • You will be eligible to participate in the many Mens Club only tournaments throughout the year, the Presidents Cup, Club Championship, our famous Member-Guest weekend (The Clair) along with our year-end Turkey Shoot and many more thought out the summer.
  • Greenview will usually hold a tee open for Men’s club members on the weekend for open play.
  • Greenview Men’s Club members are also eligible to participate in the Syracuse District Golf Association and New York State Golf Association tournaments throughout the season.
  • Greenview men club members will have all of their scores posted to the GHIN handicap system. All scores and tournament results are electronically imputed on our PC set up in the pro shop at the clubhouse. Or you can personally put your scores in the system by having the app on your smartphone.
  • All of the above for $50.00 for the year. Dick Cripps and I usually accept this payment early in the year before the Men's club tournaments start in May.

If you are interested in joining the Greenview Men’s Club please feel free to contact any one of our officers or board members listed below.
• President – Jim Hart
• Vice President – Mike Fleischman
• Treasurer – Dick Cripps
• Secretary – Jeff Parody
• Board – Curly O’Neill, Mike Collins, Dennis Lightfoot, Mike Doran, Craig Elwood, Bill Southworth.

Jim Hart


Sunday/4/71:00 pmSpring Membership Meeting @ GreenviewJim Hart
Monday 4/294:00pmMen’s Club League StartMike Fleischman
Sunday 5/59:00 am2-Man Team - Quota / Blind DrawCollins/Southworth
Sun 5/19 8:00 amPresidents Cup Qualifier - Tee Times (TBD)Full Board
Friday 5/31EOBMember Guest Sign up Board Posted
$50 deposit (limit 64 teams)
Sunday 6/28:00 am4-Man - 1,2,3 Net Best Ball TournamentElwood/O’Neill
Sunday 6/238:00 amCaptain & Mate Tournament 2 Divisions
Couples teams or 2-Man teams, 20-min. Handicap
Saturday 7/138:00 amScratch & Net Club Championship-White Tees 1st Rd.
Net Club Championship-Gold Tees 1st Rd.
Full Board
Sunday 7/148:00 amScratch & Net Club Championship-White Tees Final Rd.
Net Club Championship-Gold Tees Final Rd.
Full Board
Sunday 7/281:00 pm4-Man - 1 Gross & 1 Net TournamentDoran/Parody
8/9 - 8/118:00 amGREENVIEW MEMBER GUEST WEEKENDCripps/Elwood/Hart
Sunday 8/258:00 amCaptain & Crew 4-Man ( Red-White-Blue) Open to all playersCollins/Southworth
Sunday 9/8Deadline For President Cup Final RoundFull Board
Sunday 9/2910:00 amMen’s Club - EOY Board meeting before golf
Turkey Shoot/ Individual/ 2 Flights W/Handicap (SHOTGUN)
Full Board

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